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Company Information

1. COMPANY ORGANIZATION / ARCRUN LEISURE LTD is based in Greater Manchester within the United Kingdom the www.10021Winner.com (“Website”) is owned and operated by Arcrun Leisure Limited (the “Company” “we” “us” “our” or “Promoters”).Own the Trademarks and brands on the Website, including without limitation all the intellectual property rights of the game play functions and concept, Methods used and the design, including programmed, technical tools and functionality incorporated in the website.  10021Winner.com Competition Games of skill”with Prize Draws.

1.2 The Company is incorporated as a Private Limited Company with The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales regulated in the UK at Companies House, Cardiff. Under company registration number 7817158.

1.3 The Company is operating and working within the United Kingdom Gaming Commissions guidelines for the “Competition of Games of Skill with prize draws”. And in doing so have appointed a reputable lawyer group Horsey Lightly Fynn (This firm is authorized and regulated by the solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA Number.00488828) they represent a wide spectrum of clients across the industry in gambling matters and have been involved in the provision of training enforcement officers and other law firms giving advice on the Commission’s regulations and legalities. They have provided legal opinions on and after reviewing our website with the intention to ascertain the high standards required and fit for purpose in meeting the acceptable position in relation to the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005 regulations in particular which flow from section 14(5).

1.4 The United Kingdom Gaming Commission Regulatory Authority ensures that “Games of Skill” comply within it’s stringent rules and regulations regarding method of play, along with a process of fair play and prize draw rules.

1.5 The 10021Winner.com website “Competition games of skill” linked to prize draws is operated alongside these good practices, within the quality guidelines needed and requirements set for games of skill by the Gambling Commission in the UK.

1.6 As well as extensive analysis of every company which applies for a gaming licence to ensure the complete integrity and responsibility of its licensees, the UK Regulatory Authority has also adopted a series of technical and quality standards that are applied to ensure that the games offered are fair to players.

1.7 Arcrun Leisure Ltd where appropriate have aligned and incorporated some of these good qualities into the www.10021Winner.com web site in line with good practices from these quality standards.

The Law now requires Law firms, Merchant Banks and others to obtain satisfactory evidence of the identity and credibility of their business clients. To comply with legal and regulatory obligations in conducting and running a business within this industry and the  type we are operating. The promoter and Director is pleased to announce we have met these standards. In doing so we have also appointed the respectable National Secure Trading Gateway partners and Allied Irish Merchant Bankers GB! To conduct all our online payment processes, in meeting National Financial Regulatory Systems, Security standards and Secure Customer Payment Processes. Players can check these out on the internet for reassurance in making secure payments.

1.8 Arcrun Leisure Ltd believes very strongly that it has a responsibility towards the welfare of all players on the site. Games of Skills are social games and a form of entertainment to be enjoyed without excess. We ask that you play responsibly and spend only what you can afford to spend. We strongly recommend that you fix a weekly or monthly budget so that you won’t be short of money for the other important things in life.

1.9 You don’t need to worry about spending too much and getting carried away in the moment either because on our website, you can set your own spending limits and keep yourself in control without compromising on enjoyment. Play and spend responsibly! If at any time during your play you feel that you are spending too much then we kindly request that you either reduce your monthly limits,take a cooling out period or suspend your account for at least 12 months.

2.0 Arcrun Leisure Ltd is committed to providing fun, exciting and above all fair “Competition games of skill” in a safe and secure website environment. We maintain key areas of responsibility to players on this site; offer a personal and Secure Trading Gateway system via  Allied Irish Merchant Bank GB, privacy, customer support, and promoting responsible competition games of skill with excellent prizes.

2.1 Some exceptional aspects of our games of skill over other gaming sites are; You are not drawn into a competitive auction betting war or aggressive interactive mind games with other players or a must win at all cost scenario. You know how much you are going to pay to enter; you have in most draws a 1 in 100 chance or even greater chance in some draws of winning the prize draw.

2.2 We offer the following games;  10021Winner, 4921Winner and 40021Winner size games. (These are set at the promoters discretion but may not be restricted to only those shown). The games are not time consuming to play, which gives you back your valued time for other things. Winners will be sent a confirmation e-mail of any prize draw won.  Everybody who enters any of our prize draws has an Equal Opportunity of winning a great prize. We use a Gaming Commission approved Independent Computer Random.Org Number Generator ,which is fully computer automated (eliminating Human judgement or selection) to produce the winning number. Our Competition Games of Skill are priced to suit everyone’s budget.

We invite you to take a few minutes to read through our Terms and Conditions and all “Terms” on the website which shows an outline of the efforts made to fulfill our and the player/visitors/customers responsibilities in each of these areas.

Privacy Disclosure

2.3 By opening a player “My Account” with 10021Winner.com, you accept that emails may be sent with regards to competition results, promotions and news items. The winners of all games will be notified by e-mail or telephone. For all games the winning players username will be listed on the 10021Winner.com web site. No funds are held in your personal  “My Account” on our website at any time! Direct payment transactions will take place from your bank account and the promoters trusted Secure Trading partners and the Allied Irish Merchant Bank GB. All competition skill games are played live and instant to allow players to participate instantly in any of our Competition Games of Skill with Prize draws.

2.4 Your contact details listed with 10021Winner.com and Bankers will not be shared or sold to another third party and are strictly confidential with 10021Winner.com Except in the case for our “Winners” where your name and contact details may/ will be given to our providers/suppliers for the arrangements of prizes and supporting services for the delivery or personal collections of prizes and products.

2.5 Players own personal Banking and payment details are securely kept between yourself, your bank and the promoters trusted Secure Trading Banking partners and the Allied Irish Merchant Bank GB. We use Secure Trading Banking partners; and the Allied Irish Merchant Bank GB to conduct all payment transactions you make to us under their own (PCI, DSS.3d. CVV2) secure encrypted server systems. For cash / cash alternative payments to prize draw winners! these will be remitted back through the promoters bank into your personal bank account from which the competition entry funds originated. 

2.6 Arcrun Leisure Ltd and any associates of 10021Winner.com website:-  Do not Hold, Store or have knowledge of any of your own personal banking details. We don’t and will not send you e-mails or telephone you asking or requesting confirmation of these details! And personnel from 10021winner.com “will never ask for your user name or password” to enter and open your own personal 10021winner .com “My Account”.   All 10021winner.com new passwords sent to players are encrypted by the computer system so only you have them.

2.7 Players and customers can expect the highest standards of privacy and be confident that the integrity of our prize draw competitions are offered with All the customers in mind having the same opportunity of winning the main prize in any prize draw they have entered.

We hope you enjoy your experience with 10021Winner.com competitions of skill. And wish you the best of luck in winning one of our excellent prize draws.

Please read the following before playing on our website: