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What we offer “You”

The New 10021
Competition Games of Skill with Prize draws

Offers you the following:

Some exceptional aspects of our Games of Skill Competitions against other  sites are;

  1. Everyone who is entered in any of our prize draws has an Equal Opportunity of Winning the main prize.
  2. Guaranteed  One Winner from those players entered in any prize draw; (similar to a football card which guarantees that somebody named on the card grid will win).One player will have the winning number or theme name drawn.This could be You.
  3.  There will be No joint winners , Sharing or Multi bidding on the same number. One number one player owns.
  4. Trust in trading and integrity is the aim in all our Game of Skill Competitions! and by using a Gaming Commission Approved Computer Random Number Selection process which selects the winning number or theme name. Will guarantee a fair and honest computer independent selection (No human intervention) with the prize going to the person having the winning number or theme name selected.
    1. Imagine all the Grand National horses having the same 100/1 odds to win, your right that would never happen! But our prize draws does just thatAll players entered in a draw have the same high return odds !
  5. Best value winning odds around. the lucky winners could see up to 320/1 stake returns in realistic betting terms. (Subject to promoters discretion) Check out the entry fee against the prize value £!!!!. No Favorites! The bigger the prize the better your returns.
  6. Guaranteed in most of our games 1 in 100 chance of Winning.  (This can vary subject to the promoter’s discretion look out for our other prize draws i.e.  49/1 winner, or 400/1 winner per draw will be used to make the Main Prizes more affordable to most people i.e. Brand New Cars, either £30, or £60 entrance fee/payment etc);
  7. In some of our prize draws You get the choice to pick which prize you want from a range of options;
  8. Not time consuming gives you back your valued time for other things whilst the opportunity of winning great prizes;
  9. Wide choice of prize draws. (Equivalent RRP or value of prizes or upgrade values will be shown where possible);
  10. In some of our prize draw competitions we allocate a High Street Super store card or voucher to an equivalent cash value. Where you Choose and have the opportunity to spend and  buy what you need  from the promoters selected supplier/stores.
  11. No gimmicks of start up money bonus; No one gives money away without believing you will lose it back again!
  12. Loyal and Regular players  will be selected for entry into one of 10021 Winner.com Free draws. (Player number selected will be made at the discretion of the promoters and notified by e-mail).Please  facebook, Twitter, Blog “Share button” Like our website with your Friends!
  13. The prizes are very real and you could win the prize you have entered instantly. If your the player who entered the last number in a draw, the computer random number selection process will be activated and take place shortly after.
  14. Range of competition prizes and entry fees to suit every bodies pocket. You can play for what you would like to win. And pay what you can afford or what you can afford to lose. Your judgement call.
  15. All Brand New Prizes and products from well know UK High Street Suppliers / Dealerships includes their T&C, warranties etc;
  16. You are not drawn into a competitive and stressful bidding Auctions;
  17. No aggressive mind games with other players on line;
  18. Not a must win back gamble or betting at all cost scenario;
  19. Players have a realistic chance of winning  a prize’s that will help make a difference to your every day needs. Like a Brand New Car, Holiday, Latest IT or Electrical product, Household Goods, Fitted Kitchen,Cash plus many more.
  20. People have their own time back and don’t have to spend hours in entering and playing online i.e. like bingo.
  21. Offer prize draws at 49/1;  100/1 or maximum of 400/1 chance for people to win the main prize. No dreams of Millionaires just realistic chances of winning fantastic prizes! We give life style prizes that will be offering to help the everyday needs of the general public.
  22. At the promoters discretion! If we feel that a game isn’t popular or we have to take off a prize offer for any other reason the following will take place. Games that don’t achieve a completed full grid of player numbers, will be drawn using the numbers / players to that date who have been entered into that draw. The original prize at this point will not be offered and the prize will substituted to a cash prize to the value of 70% of the total numbers of players who are entered multiplied by the cost of the game entry fee! example in a 100-2-1 game costing £10 to enter! if only 60 numbers/ players have entered x by £10  = 60 x £10 = £600 / 70% Total prize winnings will be £420 to the winner.
  23. In competition where:Winners Choose from a range of products! for example. “Brand New Cars Competitions” We show  examples of Cars from a list of Car dealerships the winner can select any car from!  Standard Models without extras will be covered in the prize cost. Alternatively if a winner wants to upgrade to a higher specification in the model chosen above the prize value! The winner will have to pay the extra costs for the upgrade or higher priced Car model. These prizes Must be from the same Manufacture /Dealership or Suppliers used by the promoters.
  24. Prize competitions:  will indicate if a winner / player of a prize shown can use a cash GBP £ value towards a Upgrade to a higher priced model or alternative selection! but must be within the promoters own main Dealerships /Suppliers used
  25. Winners will have the Option to Choose a Cash alternative instead of the prize offered! This will be set at 50% of the grid value. This option will be shown in any draws offering this option. ( e.g. 400 numbers x £25 =£10,000 / 50% of grid value = Cash alternative = £5000);
  26. Winners will always be notified using your personal e-mail, and Registered in your 10021winner.com My Account  other players can check up on winning numbers in our “previous draws” and their personal My Account.