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How To Play

10021Winner.com  Game of Skill Competitions with Prize Draws.

  1. The Aim of any of 10021Winner.com Prize Competition Games of Skill is for players to Pay to enter a Quiz Competition, Players have to get only ONE question from five multiply choice (a,b or c) general knowledge questions correct to enter your number into the prize draw grid, with the opportunity to Win the main Prize.

What to do now! (Please read all before playing).

Players will need to Register and then Activate the security person confirmation e-mail we send back to you before you can play, you may get this your spam mail box so check, and then press. Accept our cookies for all functions to operate correctly on your computer. We send this to confirm you are the player registering with us and nobody using your personal e-mail. PS. wouldn’t help anyone because if they was a winner you would get the confirmation and the prize!

Please complete All your details on the secure VISA DIRECT Banking Payment Page once!After this players only have to insert the * Card details each time you play.  we will only use this to contact the Winners.

How to play!

  1. Register to play giving your details or to Login press your 10021Winner.com “My Account” button. we require your E-mail address; and Username only.(We use your “username” when confirming the winner of game draw competition).
  2. You will notice that each competition prize draw game displays how much the “Entry fee / payment” is to play the quiz and the “Maximum numbers / players allowed”  in each game. You will need to use your judgement to decide which prize draw you want to enter.
  3. All you need to do is select the 10021Winner.com prize draw you would like to enter.
  4. Players indicate they want to play and enter in a particular Competition prize draw by pressing on any coloured ball available in the prize draw grid this will Reserve you a Slot in the Competition Quiz!  (There is a maximum of numbers available, and players able to play and enter into each prize draw quiz at any one time! This is subject to the size of the grid and the numbers of people already entered into the draw);
  5. Grey balls indicate Reserved (in play) players currently playing the quiz game Or Already Allocated to successful quiz players.
  6. By reserving a Slot in the Competition Quiz prize draw before anyone else. Players are then able to pay the appropriate “Game of Skill Competition Entry fee”  to activate and play the game of skill quiz questions.
  7. Payment is made from your own bank, through the promoters respectable Secure Trading Gateway Partners and Allied Irish Merchant Bank GB, VISA DIRECT Secured site who in turn take payment from you direct to us in order for you to play.
  8. In the Game of Skill  a player must use their knowledge and skill to enter your number in the draw.
  9. Questions will be randomly selected by the computer from across the following topics: General KnowledgeSportTV & FilmScience & NatureMusicHistoryArts/BooksPoliticsGeography. Example of a Question; Which Major Sporting event was first staged in 1903? (a) US Masters (b) FA Cup Final (c) Tour de France . You are then asked to submit your answer.
  10. To do this Players are asked five  “Multiple Choice Questions” a, b or c within predetermined time limits, (20 seconds is allowed per knowledge question to give your answer. Timed out rule applies to the questions if not answered in time).
  11. By answering only ONE general knowledge question correctly you enter the number or theme name  in the prize draw grid.
  12. The very last number or theme name entered into the prize draw will activate the Gaming Commission approved Automated Computer Random Number Generator (RNG) process!
  13. The Winner of the prize draw is the holder of that number or theme name drawn. Simple!
  14. Once the quiz questions starts! Any players leaving the Quiz page during play will end and cancel the quiz! At this stage players will be classed as losing the competition quiz section and forfeit the payment made.(No refunds will be given).
  15. We ask all players to choose a low value entry game e.g. £3 play 49-2-1 winner to get the hang of the process before playing on the higher entry games. Why?
  16. Because players getting All five multiple choice questions wrong! Will Not be given the opportunity to enter the prize draw. At this stage you lose and forfeit your competition entry fee/payment. (No refunds will be given).
  17. Prize draws are not dated or time limited. Only when All the game numbers or theme names in a prize draw grid have been allocated will the draw take place.(promoters T&C”s apply).


  • The number or theme name you have successfully entered into a prize draw will be yours alone. No sharing a prize or Multi bidding on one number or Theme name. These will be shown in your own personal 10021winner.com”My Account”.
  • 10021Winner.com doesn’t Request from you; Hold; Store or have any knowledge of any players personal banking details / account numbers pin numbers etc on our website. This is administered by the Visa Direct Banking Group.
  • Winners of  Cash alternative payments are made directly to a winners own bank A/c .

Players can enter as many prize draw competition quiz’s they like. Nobody has details of which numbers players have in a draw except for the owners.

We wish you all the best and good luck in winning one of our fantastic prizes. If you don’t win the first time why not have another go! Guaranteed one winner in each prize draw! IT REALLY COULD BE YOU!

In prize competitions, success depends, at least in part, on the exercise of skill,or judgement or knowledge! Within the 10021winner.com Prize Competitions process we have incorporated the need for players to use ALL of these aspects into our prize competition games of skill!

Exclusive to UK Residents in England, Scotland and Wales over the age of 18+ are allowed to  play our prize draws at this time.

Before playing please read the following pages: