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How Old do I have to be to play 10021Winner.com?

Only United Kingdom Residents over 18 years of age may play on this website! We undertake checks to ensure that no person under this age play our competitions. Provision of inaccurate or dishonest information about a player’s age will result in individuals forfeiture of payments made,any winnings and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.Residents from other Counties living outside the UK cannot play our prize draws currently.

How does 10021Winner really work?

10021Winner.com is a Competition game of skill that takes place on the internet. Most Competition prize draws will be limited to a maximum of 100 numbers or theme names i.e Football teams, Cities etc. Promoters will be offering prize draw competitions at 100/1Winner prize draws; 49/1Winner prize draws and for the more expensive prize’s! Offering draws at a maximum 400/1 Winner. The aim of the competition prize draw game is to answer one of the five multiple choice skill general knowledge questions correctly. And “unlock the prize draw” and enter your number/theme name into the draw. Once all the numbers or theme names in the grid are taken they go grey.The last number entered into the draw activates the random computerized winning number. The winner is the person holding the ball number /theme name in a draw the computer selects. Please note the answers to the Questions will not be obvious ones.but players have a choice a),b) or c) to choose the right answer from.

How do I Register to Play and open a Player “My Account” with 10021Winner.com?

To “Register” press and complete the registration form. Please check that you have filled in all the details correctly and you have read and confirmed you accept the sites Terms and Conditions, Policies, Cookies and Rules on How to Play, and tick the over 18+ box etc.For security and too make sure that the person registering is yourself and before a person can play! We will send you a confirmation email to the e-mail address you have given, you will need to press the link we send you to activate your personal My Account. You will then be returned to our website and can then play!

How do I Login once registered?

To “Login” press the “My Account” button top right hand corner and put in your personal user name and password. You’re ready then to play any prize draw compitition you would like to enter!

How do I play 10021Winner.com?

It’s easy!  Choose the prize draw competition you would like to win; There is fixed and limited numbers of players allowed in each prize draw, therefore to reserve your slot in the competition quiz,You have to press on any colour ball number or theme name in order to Pay the prize draw entry fee; Answer one of the multiple choice skill general knowledge questions correctly to be successful and be entered into the prize draw; At this point the number you selected to reserve your slot in the competition quiz will be yours. See our How to Play page for full details.

How secure are my payment details when entering the Skill Games?

SecureTrading is one of the leading on line payment processors in the UK.The Secure Trading Payment Page is intended for use by 10021winner.com Skill competitions with prize draws customers, for players over 18! All players’ card details are encrypted and handled in a secure manner by Secure Trading. www.securetrading.com  in partnership with Allied Irish Merchant Bankers GB http://www.aibgb.co.uk We only store your Name.-E-mail and username. Winners contact details will be via Secure Trading partners and Allied Irish Merchant Bankers during payment processes. Please complete All your details on the secure Payment Page so we can contact the winners. This information will only be used by us for operation purposes or our suppliers to contact winners of prize’s for delivery or collection of prize processes.

Do the Promoters of this website process any customer / players payment details on their own servers?

NO the promoters of 10021winner.com. Do not process any customer / players payment details on their own servers. And will not request from you or have knowledge of player’s personal bank card details, password or pin numbers at anytime.

How many My Accounts can I have?

Players only need one account in order to play and there is no advantage to having more than one account. Any person found registering more than one player account will be suspended from playing any of our competition prize draws.

What chance have I got of Winning?

In our prize draws, we offer Everyone a realistic and Equal opportunity to win fantastic prizes, we offer prize draws with either a 49/1100/1 or maximum 400/1 chance for people to win the great prize’s. Players having more numbers in a prize draw increase their odds of winning. The last number or theme name entered into the prize draw will automatically activate the Gaming Commission approved Computer Random Number Generator (RNG) process! No dreams of Millionaires just Realistic chances of winning fantastic prizes! This gives everyone a opportunity to win life style prizes to help and ease your everyday expenses.

Do I have to pay a Membership Fee or any Monthly Subscription payments to register?

No you can register for FREE! Players only pay for the competition games and prize draws you want to enter.

Why should I open a player “My Account”?

By registering at the 10021Winner.com you will be able to play the competitions and games of skill and ultimately “unlock and enter the prize draws”. In your personal “My Account” this will be show which games you are currently entered in or previously entered. And which prize draws you have won. You can change your password at anytime and set your limits of spending per month

Can I go back to add further information to my registered detail?

Yes, there is a back button which you can use to go back and fill in more detail if you need to, before you have submitted your online registration form. At anytime you want to update your contact details you can do this in your personal “My Account” page.

Update My Account Settings or Change my Password?

You must already be registered and logged into your “My Account”. Click into your details and you may edit all or any fields and press the Submit button to save.

What if I can’t log into My Account?

Please check that you have entered the correct user name and password that you registered with. If you think you may be entering the wrong password or forgot your password please see the instructions on how to reset your password.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you try to login to the site but have forgotten your password, you should go to and press the reset password in the error message.We will automatically generate and email your new password which will allow you too log back into the site. Please check your spam folders and ensure your mailbox is not full. You may use this password for as long as you like, however we suggest that once you have logged back in you change your password to something more memorable via your “My Account”page.

How much does it cost to play Skill Competitions on 10021Winner.com?

Payment for the prize draw entry fee vary’s depending on the prize offered, but will be shown on each prize draw offer! (Entry fees are non refundable) The game payment needed will be debited from your own bank account through to our Secured Trading partners, Allied Irish Merchant Bankers.

How long is a prize draw open for?

An individual prize draw will be open until All the numbers or theme names in that prize draw grid go grey! This shows they have been allocated to successful quiz players.

Who will be entered into a prize draw?

The fastest player(s) to reserve a slot in order to enter the competition quiz prize draw and get the competition quiz question correct will be allowed to “unlock a prize draw” and enter their chosen number(s) in a draw.Players having their numbers entered into a prize draw shown in your own  personal “My Account” log.

Do you give bonus start up payments?

NO We don’t offer gimmicks of join up cash bonus; Nobody gives money away without believing you will lose it again.

How do I enter the Free Draws?

Regular and Loyal game players and registered people who use our Share button to post “I Like” us on your social network friends sites, Facebook, Twitters  etc. could find we also enter you into one of our future Free Draws. Please share this website with your friends and followers

What does it mean when All the numbers / theme names in a grid turn grey,?

If all balls in a prize draw grid are grey, then all slots to enter the competition quiz in that draw have been taken.Grey balls indicate Reserved (in play) or already allocated. Any players giving the wrong answers in the quiz! will offer the competition entry slot back into play to the game board number grid for other players to play.Only when all the numbers  /Theme names are taken and grey will the Random Number Generator activate the winning number or theme name.

How will I know I'm participating in the game?

 Pressing any coloured number or theme name in a prize draw will indicate whether you have  a Slot in a competition! in order to Pay the entry fee and Enter the Prize Draw Competition Quiz;Players must answer one of the multiple choice skill general knowledge questions correctly to be successful and unlock the prize draw; At this point successful Quiz players will be entered into the prize draw you choose to play. Players will be allocated the Ball number or Theme name you pressed to reserve your slot /position in the Competition Quiz! and entered into that prize draw.The computer will register this number or theme name as yours in that draw.

How do I reserve my Slot to enter in a Competition Quiz prize draw?

There are fixed and restricted numbers of players allowed in each prize draw, therefore people who want to play need to be quick to reserve your slot in the competition quiz.You have to press on any colour ball number or theme name available in the competition grid. (Grey balls in a grid denote that they have been won in the draw or are in Competition mode).Once you have reserved your slot you will be given 5 minutes to pay the competition entry fee. Players successfully making payment will then be able to play the Prize Competition Game of Skill. The fastest player(s) to enter a competition prize draw and get the competition quiz question correct will be allowed to “unlock a prize draw” and enter the chosen number or theme name in that draw.

What happens to the number or theme name I selected to reserve my Slot in the Competition quiz?

Colour balls turn Grey to denote that they are  in Competition mode! If payment is not made any grey numbers in competition mode will be released back into the grid for the selection by other player to have a slot and enable entry into the competitions quiz.

What skill will I need to use to enter a prize draw?

In each game you will need to use your Skill,Judgement or Knowledge to select and choose the competition prize draw you want to enter! Taking into consideration the Cost, Having to answer the Computer randomly selected multiple choice  General Knowledge Questions in the allocated time correctly.

How do I enter into the Prize draw?

You need to Pay the entry fee shown to play the competition quiz for each prize draw!  Answer one of the five questions correctly.  By answering one question correctly you will “Unlock the prize draw” And your chosen ball number or Theme name will be locked into the prize draw grid. Having answered the Competition skill part in the first stage of the game process already;At this point, if there are other numbers or Theme names still available, you will have the option to purchase additional numbers/theme names at the price entry fee per number.enter these directly into the prize draw grid! giving you a greater chance of winning.

When is the draw for a game made?

When the last number/theme name is entered into the prize draw grid. The winning number/theme name will be immediately selected using the Gaming Commission approved independent  automated Random Number Selection process.

How will I know the Ball numbers / Theme names I have chosen are allocated to me?

All ball numbers or theme names allocated will be shown in your personal  “My Account” when you log in.You will have a list of all draws you have entered showing the prize draw game name you entered /draw game number / how much you have paid and your  numbers/theme names. Along side your draw numbers will indicate the winning number or TBD (yet To Be Drawn) if the draw is still running!

If I want to restrict my spending what can I do?

You don’t need to worry about spending too much in our competitions. You can set your own spending limits each month with the amount you can afford to spend. In fact we encourage this so you have a good experience and at a cost you can afford! When your limit for that month has been reached you will not be allowed to play until your selected date in the following month. Our games of skill competitions are not interactive online games with other players or “win back your losses at all costs” games.  Instead you can stay online to suit your own time.  You can switch off from the website at any time and if you do choose to enter one of our prize draws you are able to leave the website immediately after to discourage any further spending.

How do you know if you've won?

The winning number for each prize draw is randomly selected by the computer, after the last Competition Prize Draw number has been allocated. The winner will be notified by e-mail and within players own My Account the winning number in a draw will be shown next to your ball numbers entered.

How do I know who the winner is when the prize game is drawn?

Winners will be automatically notified by e-mail when each of the prize draws has been made.  Completed Games Winners will be listed on the 10021Winner.com website in the ‘History of Winners’ section. All players entered into a prize draw will be notified in their own personal “My Account”. Check here for regular prize draw updates. This keeps yourself in control without compromising on enjoyment where you can view the updates or progress of prize draws anytime. On this site Everybody  entered into a prize draw has an Equal Opportunity to win the main prize.

How do the promoters contact the winners?

The Promoters will contact Competition Winners firstly by the email address provided at the time of registration or subsequently updated on your “My Account” details which is securely held in our database. Secondly promoters may use your telephone numbers given in your contact merchant bankers registration details. It is important for customers to keep their My Account details up to date.

How will the Winners of the prize draws inform the promoters which prize they want?

Winners of the prize draws in which there is options of products to chose from will be e-mailed with the choices that are available. By return e-mail the winner will notify 10021winner of the prize option they have selected. e.g The Main Car Prizes. Winners will then be contacted by the selected dealerships / Supplier to arrange for collection and any final arrangements.

How does the CASH Alternatives or Cash Prizes work?

Winning Players will have the Option to Choose a Cash alternative instead of the prize offered! This option will be shown in any draws offering cash alternative. These are set at 50% of the grid value.  ( eg. 400 numbers x £25 =£10,000 / 50% of grid value = Cash alternative £5000).Cash prizes are paid back into the winners own bank account from which the payment was made and no other (this is for security reasons)

What is an Upgrade ?

Winners may be able to use the Upgrade option. Winners of the main competitions may be able to use the Upgrade £ value shown in the details of the prize offered to put towards a more expensive model or product. ie. Car / Commercial Van. Caravan / Motor Home, Jet Ski, Motor Boat. Holidays etc. Any upgrades must be with the same manufacturer /dealership/suppliers group the promoters conduct business with. Players wanting to add additional specifications to the original prize offered are welcome to do so but must pay the added costs to the selected dealerships or suppliers the promoters use.

How does my Upgrade work?

Winners looking to Upgrade a prize can only upgrade with the suppliers/dealerships that the promoter uses to conduct trading.  Upgrade values cannot be used with any other manufacturing groups, suppliers or dealership. The promoter’s word is final. Winners will be able to select the product upgrade they want. For example in a Car prize draw;Looking to buy a Kia Grand Vitara? You will select the Kia dealership. We will then give your contact details to our selected supplier who will contact you direct and make all the necessary arrangements with you to upgrade.

What happens if a prize draw game isn't popular?

At the promoters discretion! If we feel that a prize draw isn’t popular or we have to take off a prize offer for any other reason. The following will take place. Games that don’t achieve a completed full grid of player numbers, will be drawn using the number of players up to that date who have been entered into that draw. Players who have entered will be notified. The original prize at this point will not be offered and the prize will be substituted to a cash prize to the value of 70% of the total numbers of players who are entered multiplied by the cost of the game entry fee! example in a 100-2-1 game costing £10 to enter! if only 60 numbers/ players have entered x by £10  = 60 x £10 = £600 / 70% Total prize winnings will be £420 to the winner.

At what stage could I lose or forfeit my Competition Entry Fee/Payment?

If you answer all five multiple choice questions wrong  you will not “Unlock the prize draw” and will therefore not be able to enter your chosen Ball number or Theme name into the prize draw grid. Failure to answer one question correctly will lose you your competition entry fee/payment. Once the winner has been selected in a prize draw the other players of the selected game will lose/forfeit their entry fee payment. There can only be one winner in each prize draw. All Entry Fee’s contributes to the cost of the prizes given out and the business running costs for the 10021Winner.com prize draws.

Is there Any refunds or Cancellation of entry fees ?

Whether players are successful in entering a prize draw or not! Promoters operate a No refund / cancellation policy on competition entry fees paid to play the competitions games of skill in live play or when players have entered numbers or theme names entered into the prize draws.

What is the promoters Returns policy?

Returns policies for new prize products and goods will relate to the T&C of the Suppliers, Stores and dealerships the promoters use to provide the prizes> But there will be a no cash exchange policy to players from the supplying store group for the winning prize products! only Repair, Replacements or Renewal.

My question isn't in the FAQs?

 Alternatively, if you need further information, simply scroll down and read the supporting website pages. If you still can’t find the answer use our ‘Contact Us form” to our customer service team. Fill in your details and send to us your query. We cannot get back to all our customers for every question asked. But if we feel your question is relevant and needs to be placed on the FAQ for others to view we will post your response there. However we thank you for your inquiry and wish you the best of luck in winning one of our fantastic prize draws.

How can I get more information?

If you have a query that isn’t in the FAQ! please give our Customer Service Team a call between 10 am to 1 pm Monday to Thursday or leave a message on telephone number 0161 341 0592.We cannot get back to all our customers for every question asked. But if we feel your question is relevant and needs to be placed on the FAQ for others to view we will post your response there. However we thank you for your inquiry and wish you the best of luck in winning one of our fantastic prize draws.