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and a BIG Welcome to the 
New 100 2 1 Winner.com Website.

The promotors are pleased to offer you our Competition Games of Skill with Prize Draws.

All 10021Winner.com games are similar in nature to any General Knowledge Quiz game you may see on the TV or play in a Pub quiz!  Games which are classed as “Games of skill”. With topics ranging from Sports, Music, History, Geography, Food and General Knowledge. And similar to a Football Card that goes round the traditional pub if your number or theme name on the grid is chosen then you are the winner.

Prizes have been selected with your every day needs and the current economic climate in mind. Would you Choose a Brand New Car /Speed Boat /Caravan / Motor Bike or  a Fantastic Dream Holiday. You can choose to reduce your Shopping bills, select a range of  Household Furniture, IT equipment, Gadgets or Fashion accessories. You can enjoy Life Experiences. We offer Cash Prizes even offer Cash alternatives for the higher priced prize draws! Ideal for Students paying off your Loans, a deposit for a House or those expensive Wedding day costs. The choice is yours.Your Dreams become Reality!

You will need to Register and then activate the confirmation e-mail sent back to you, also accept our cookies for all your IT Computer functions to operate correctly.

Follow the on-screen instructions to Register to play  and set up your own personal  “My Account” We will ask you  to provide your Full Name, Username and your e-mail details. You will need to check your details carefully and tick the declaration box, confirming you have read and understood our “Terms” and accept our cookies to allow you to play within the 10021Winner.com Competition rules.

Before you can play and for Security reasons once registered you will be sent a e-mail activation coded password, You will need to press to activate your account, this confirms you have registered. This will allow you to participate and play our competitions.Then return back to login to 10021winner.com You can change and update your password at any time in your  personal “My Account”.

Please read the following “Terms” =  Terms and Conditions ,Policies, How to Play and All other pages on the Website before playing: Age 18+ restrictions apply.

Whatever your reason to play, 10021Winner.com online competition games of skill are easy to understand. You Reserve a slot in one of our Competition prize draw quiz’s , Pay to enter a Quiz game of skill to “Unlock a prize draw” in order to enter your numbers into a prize draw. It isn’t time consuming and Everyone entered into a prize draw has an Equal Opportunity to Win big or small prize’s that suits your spending needs.

Players will need to be quick to play in order to reserve your slot in the quiz competition, to enable entry in our  prize draws. Why? Because of the limited allocation and fixed numbers in each prize draw! This will restrict the number of players allowed to enter into each competition quiz and prize draw. thus preventing a significant proportion of people who wish to participated in a draw from doing so. The cost to enter competitions will also vary depending on the prize and you will have to use your judgement to select and  enter the skill competitions and a prize draw you want to enter. 

In prize competitions, success depends, at least in part, on the exercise of skill,or judgement or knowledge! Within the 10021winner.com Prize Competitions process we have incorporated the need for players to use ALL of these aspects into our prize competition games of skill! In that players have to multi skill in various ways using all three elements during the game playing process.

  1. The Aim of any of 10021Winner.com Prize Competition Games of Skill is for players to Pay to enter a Quiz Competition which if successfully Unlocks the prize draw grid this allows successful players to enter a number or theme name into a prize draw with the opportunity of Winning the one main Prize.

Everyone entered into any one of the 10021winner.com prize draws, has a Realistic and an Equal Oportunity of Winning a prize draw!

People have their own time back and don’t have to spend hours in entering our prize draws. We currently offer prize draws at 49/1;  100/1 or maximum of 400/1 for people to win the main prize. No dreams of Millionaires just realistic chances of winning fantastic prizes! We give life style prizes that will be useful to help the everyday needs of the general public.

Winners in some of our competitions, have the option to choose a prize from a selection of products offered or to Upgrade from our chosen suppliers or main dealerships. 

In some of the Shopping Cards or Voucher prize draws we offer you the opportunity to “Spend and Shop” in one or more of our selected Retail / Department stores and “Buy What You Need”.  Other prize draws show the exact product you can win. Please read the text in the draw prize offer to find full offer details.

Check all the exciting prize draws and watch out for more to come.

Maximum numbers of people in any one game may vary but in most of our draws it will not exceed one hundred (100). e.g.  **100-2-1Winner**! However for the main, larger prizes such as “Win a Luxury Speed Boat/Caravan or Cabriolet Car” offers, we will also be offering  400-2-1Winner prize draws to reduce the cost playing. For some of the Free draws and smaller prize draws we will be offering 49-2-1Winner odds. Watch out for these as they will give you a Greater Chance of Winning and keep the Entry Fee Costs Down while still giving everyone an Equal Opportunity of  Winning great prizes.

If you don’t like the odds of the Lottery, or chatting to strangers in online Bingo or Poker rooms. If you are not satisfied with the odds on the horses,Football betting or playing roulette 36/1 max!  You don’t have hours to waste playing on line games for prizes. Then our competition quiz prize draws are for you to enjoy the 100-2-1Winner.com Competition Games of Skill with prize’s. Quick, easy to follow and not time consuming.

In our Competition Games of Skill prize draws. We offer you the opportunity to win  great prizes in a quick, easy and relaxing way? Deal or No deal! just want the Best Deal? Yes! then you could win a great prize. The promoters are honest and trusted who don’t take out a big fat profit! we give it back to you the winners in prizes.

Our prices vary but the higher the price the sweeter the prize. Everyone entered into a prize draw has the same Odds! of anything up to 320/1  in some draws.

Consider the numbers of people entering a raffle or prize draw to win similar Cars with ticket prices set at £1 a go. For a Car valued at £20k the odds of winning this Car would be more than 20,000 / 1 or at £4 stake fee would be more than 5.000/1 !

You don’t need to worry about spending too much and getting carried away in the moment either because you can set your own monthly spending limits and keep yourself in control without compromising on enjoyment. We suggest you have a go at the lower £3 and £5 value prizes on offer to get a feel of the game process before you try out the higher value Main Prize Draws.

Players Do Not deposit any funds into your 10021winner “My Account” at any time. Payment is made direct to us for each separate competition game you enter via your own personal bank and the promoters Secure Trading Partners, Allied Irish Merchant Bankers.

In our Competition Games of Skill. You choose the Competition prize draw you would like to win; You then Reserve a Slot in a Competition Quiz;  Pay the prize draw entry fee; Answer a skill question correctly; which unlocks the prize draw; Then allocates a ball number that is yours and entered into the prize draw.

When playing online, play the Competition as outlined in “ How to Play”. In each game you will need to use your skill and knowledge to answer the multi choice General Knowledge questions correctly, get them All wrong and you lose your entry fee/payment. Get one correct and you “unlock the prize draw numbers or theme name” and have the opportunity to be entered into that prize draw you would like to win.

At what stage will “you lose” your competition entry fee/payment.

  1.  When entering any of our competition prize draw games, and by getting All five multiple choice questions wrong you will not “Unlock that prize draw” and will not be given the opportunity to enter into the prize draw game you played. At that stage you will lose and forfeit your competition entry fee/payment.
  2. Once a winning player has been selected in a prize draw, All the other players who entered that particular prize draw will lose and forfeit their entry fee/payment. All Entry / playing Fee’s contributes to the cost of the prizes given out and business running cost for the 10021Winner.com prize draws.
  3. We have One Guaranteed Winner  in each of our prize draws this will prevent a significant proportion of people who participated in a draw from receiving a prize in any given prize draw.

Arcrun Leisure Ltd staff believes very strongly that it has a responsibility towards the welfare of all players on the site. Games of skill are social games and a form of entertainment to be enjoyed without excess. We offer great returns for the winners. But we ask that you spend only what you can afford to spend, and we strongly recommend that you fix a weekly or monthly budget so that you won’t be short of money for the other important things in life.

Play and spend responsibly! If at any time during your play you feel that you are spending too much then we kindly request that you either reduce your limits, leave the site for a cooling off period or suspend your account for up to 6 months.

We hope you enjoy your experience with 10021Winner.com competitions of skill and wish you the Best of Luck in Winning one of our prize draws.  

Please tell you Family, Friends and Contacts to join in the prize draws!  The faster we fill up each game number grid the faster someone will be enjoying the winning prize. It could be you! 

Regular and loyal or players  who use our Share button to post us on your Social network sites like us on Facebook, Twitters, likes  etc. could find in the future we enter you into one of our Free Draws. 


By playing 10021Winner.com prize draw competitions donations will be made by Arcrun Leisure Ltd to selected charities and good causes, such as Cancer support groups, Children’s Charities, People visually impaired, Care Hospices and Gamble aware groups. Any donations will be shown on the website at the end of companies financial year of which group/s have been supported in that year.

So even if you don’t win straight  away on any of the 10021Winner.com competition prize draw games, some of your stake money will be helping support these charities and good causes.

The promoters of 10021Winner.com and any decisions in all matters shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Please read the following before playing on our website.