£25 play to Win your Dream Motor Bike

Choose any Motor Bike! from a range of models, up to the value of £8000 winners must select from any of the main UK dealerships the promoters use; Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki  Where else can you get better odds than 320/1!  for just £25! 


Everyone who is entered in any of our prize draws has an Equal Opportunity to win.

  • It’s your choice to select the Bike you want from our dealerships up to the prize value of*£8000*!
  • The Winner can choose to use the prize £8000 value to Upgrade on any Motor Bike priced higher with the dealerships the promoters use.
  • Or in this Prize Draw a Cash alternative is offered to the winner of £5000! (50% of grid £ value, odds 200/1 returns! not bad for just £25). Help pay towards your Student fees! Deposit for a House or Wedding may be!  your choice.

  • Ducati Range
  • Honda Range
  • Kawasaki Range
  • Suzuki Range
  • Yamaha Range
Ducati Range1 Honda Range2 Kawasaki Range3 Suzuki Range4 Yamaha Range5

Press and click on pictures to view the main dealership range of Brand New Bikes available .Pictures are for illustration purpose and may not be the newest specification

  • Players must Register and activate your security confirmation e-mail sent back to you before you can play or login, Select a colour ball number in the game you want to enter and press, this will then allow you to pay to enter the quiz. Getting One multi choice a,b or c question correct from 5 questions will enter your chosen number into the draw. (for more details press How to Play link above).

Please tell you Family, Friends and Contacts to join in the prize draws!   Regular players and people who use our Share button to post us on your Social network sites like us on Facebook, or follow Twitters  etc. could find we enter you into one of our Free Draws in the future.

  • note; No cash redemption in exchange for any Motor Bike chosen from of our dealerships.
  • Dealership suppliers we use,
    Honda,                           Hunts Motorcycles Kingsway Manchester.
    Suzuki & Yamaha,       Road & Racing Motors Hyde.
    Ducati,                           Preston & Sale Manchester.
    Kawasaki & Yamaha,  Robinsons of Rochdale.



Currently Overseas players, whose current residency is outside the UK mainland (Scotland, England and Wales)cannot play any of our competition games of skill. see promoters Overseas players  T&C details. 18+






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