Watch out for *££££* Cash Alternatives offered in some Competitions!

The Winners of Any Prize Draws offering a Cash Alternative. Can choose this Option instead off the main prize! These are offered in many of our prize draw competitions! Each Prize draw may offer different cash values subject to the grid size ie. 100 or 400 and the entrance fee to participate in the Competitions.

Cash Alternatives are based at 50% of the completed full grid value.  i.e. £30 entry fee x 400 grid = £12k 50% of grid = £6,000 Cash!

Players please note the following; Example in any prize draw where a Cash alternative is offered this bullet point will be shown:

  • For this Prize Draw a Cash alternative is offered to the winner £ ??? k (50% of full grid total) . Pay of you Student Loans! Deposit for a House or Wedding may be! Your Choice! promoters T&C’s apply.
  • Everyone who is entered in any of our prize draws has an Equal Opportunity in winning.
  • Value of the Cash alternative: these vary across games between *£1500* to *£12,000* WOW!

We hope you enjoy your experience with competitions of skill. And we wish you all the very best in winning one of our prize draws.

Please tell you Family, Friends and Contacts to join in the prize draws!  The faster we fill up each game number grid the faster someone  will be enjoying the winning prize. It could be you! Regular players and people who use our Share button to post us on your Social network sites like Facebook, Twitters  etc. could find we enter you into one of our Free Draws in the future. 

At it is possible to win great prizes! Pay off some of your bills! and enjoy the quality things in life.

Overseas players, whose residency is outside the UK mainland (Scotland, England and Wales)cannot play any of our competition games of skill. see promoters Overseas players  T&C details.

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